Brooks Wells
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Brooks Wells

Brooks Wells: Early Life and Education

American entrepreneur Brooks Wells was born and raised in Grand Island, Nebraska. From an early age, Brooks was passionate about sports, specifically basketball and baseball. His early memories consist of fond times watching his father, Joe, referee college basketball games.

Brooks followed in his fathers footsteps; by his senior year of high school, Brooks was officiating basketball games throughout Grand Island, along with his younger brother, Kirby.

Staying close to his hometown, Brooks Wells attended the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Brooks decided to pursue various entrepreneur ventures, which has brought him great success, happiness, and motivation.

Brooks’ future is looking bright. In Spring 2019, Brooks will launch Major League Lawn Care, a lawn care business run out of Grand Island, Nebraska. Follow Brooks Wells on social media to stay updated on MLLC announcements.


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